El molino Ceramicas - Pavimento y revestimiento ceramico
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Cerámicas el Molino

New sizes and formats

New collections presented by El Molino in 2015 includes wood finish like Sabina Jet 15x90 cm. and Domo Jet 15x90. This new size 15x90 cm. gives an original size in floor tiles, combined with the rich tones of Jet Sa .... [+]

EL MOLINO Ceramic Universe

El Molino, presenting for another year at Cevisama, opted for a new format in porcelain of 45.5 x 90 cm. Sober and elegant, yet very modern, the new line surprises with its textures of stone, the realism of wood, a .... [+]


El Molino took advantage of CEVISAMA 2016 to release their new large format.
With sizes ranging from 45,5 x 90 cm, the large format porcelain pieces of El Molino, can be .... [+]

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